Atlanta to Host National Pitch Contest Looking for Ideas that use Hip-Hop as a Vehicle for Social Justice Slider (45)

The Center for Civic Innovation [Spring 2014 Alumni], has teamed up with the A3C Festival and Conference to launch a competition for ideas that use art, music and hip-hop culture as a vehicle to advance social justice and civic engagement in underserved communities in the United States. I recently caught up with Rohit Malhotra, founder of […]

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PwC Selects STE(A)M Truck for Innovation in Education

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From the left to the right — Aashish Vats, Brianna Blefko, Zachary Cornish, Daniel Alfano, Anna Fishbon, Jason Martin (Charity Winner) “It’s like wood-shop class on wheels, but with 3-D printers and way more fun.” This was founder Jason Martin’s description about what his social venture was about when we first met him as he […]

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4 Steps to Effective Storytelling


For startups, “The Pitch” is not only a fundamental tool for gaining customers, funders and traction, but it’s also the small window that provides an inside look at a venture’s story. The story, as we’ve come to learn, is often what makes or breaks a venture’s ability to enroll resources and support.. The literal, million […]

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