Houston Innovation Community Highlights 2 Days of Problem Solving

Last week the Civic Accelerator launched Innovate Houston, the first of 3 rapid innovation summits to be held in cities across the south. The series opened to rave reviews! Rallying to support the Points of Light’s 2015 Conference on Volunteering and Service, we set out to engage entrepreneurs and nonprofit, corporate, government and citizen leaders in the Houston community as benefactors of our rapid innovation and design thinking curriculum. Below are some of the highlights and lessons learned during the 2-day summit.

 Innovate Houston Generic (1)

The program was divided into 4 workshops (of which 100% of participants rated as “good to excellent”):

·        Workshop #1: Showing up + Growth Mindset for Innovators 

·        Workshop #2: Design Thinking in Practice

·        Workshop #3: Business Modeling for Social Impact

·        Workshop #4: Fail Proof Customer Discovery 

The enthusiastic commitment to being open to new ways of solving problems through a connected community was a consistent thread for all participants and one of the most rewarding aspects of the program.  This resulted in providing the spark to the continued impact and connectivity of innovators in Houston.

“It was a great opportunity to get out of our comfort zones and look at problems in a new way. I got some new insights I might not have seen otherwise.” – Kojo Idrissa, Django Software Foundation/Django Events Foundation North America

Participants were anxious and excited to share the skills and tools learned from Innovate Houston with their networks and immediately connected through private online groups to keep their momentum.

“I will be able to apply the learning to my client projects and teach them some of the techniques. I will confidently recommend the workshop to others in the community.”  – Mary Grace Landrum, One Star Service Commission/ Landrum & Associates

We’re launching Innovate Atlanta and Innovate New Orleans summits to invite social innovators — entrepreneurs, business, nonprofit and community leaders —to collaborate and problem solve. Join us to not only learn the necessary skills and tools to answer critical challenges, but to also help build a supportive, local ecosystem of changemakers.

Of the 4 workshops, which do you think would be most helpful to you and/or your organization? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.