Introducing The Veterans Solutions Lab!

We Are Looking for Innovators with Solutions for Our Veterans

Veterans and their families face unique challenges in America. More than 50 percent of veterans experience a period of unemployment upon transition to civilian life[1], with more than 370,000 unemployed veterans across the country in 2017[2]. Average student loan debts are also higher for veteran students[3]. With one million service men and women expected to transition to civilian life in the next four years[4], now is the time to scale innovative solutions that that help veterans unleash their talent to integrate into communities and allow both to thrive.

The Civic Accelerator Veterans Solutions Lab, sponsored by the PwC Charitable Foundation Inc., is an 8-week startup boot camp and investment fund that will accelerate 8-12 innovative, scalable ventures empowering and equipping veterans, their spouses, and children, to build job-ready skills, find employment and successfully reintegrate into communities across the country through:

  • Education Alternatives: New pathways to education attainment, job-specific credentialing, and alternative education settings for veterans, spouses, and children
  • Financial Solutions: Financial guidance to navigate the GI bill, manage student debt, and financial planning solutions for military families
  • Pathways to Employment: Workforce solutions for veterans and spouses, talent placement platforms for new economy jobs, and on-the-job mentoring and career counseling
  • Transition Support: Access to career coaching, mentoring, peer-to-peer networking and employer adaption to support the transition to civilian life

Selected ventures will gain access to a rigorously tested startup curriculum, a network of peer founders, impact investors, and nonprofit and business leaders, as well as a chance at receiving a $50,000 dollar investment.

If you have or know of, an innovative solution that empowers veterans and their families to thrive, learn more and apply to the Veterans Solutions Lab by May 4, 2018.

[1] 2015 Veteran Economic Opportunity Report by The U.S. Department of Veterans affairs

[2] US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics 2017 Report



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