We took a few minutes to interview Nick and Heather, the co-founders behind our #FutureofWork venture Cue Career. Get to know about their work and what inspires them below!

The Cue Career team in action.

What is Cue Career?

The Cue Career platform connects trade and professional associations with students, helping students explore and visualize job pathways and secure the skills-based training opportunities needed to enter the modern workforce.

Where are you based? 

Los Angeles

What is your vision for scale?

Cue Career will become the go-to source for career exploration and workforce development resources, for both students and career changers.

What drives you to do this work?

We enjoy helping others.  We spend a significant amount of time volunteering with different groups (NFTE, Black Girls Code).  Our interaction with students in under-served communities made us realize the skills gap begins with an exposure and opportunity gap. Students can’t prepare for careers they aren’t exposed to and are unlikely to be successful in entering a career if they don’t have the opportunity to interact with people in a career.

What are you hoping to take away from the Civic Accelerator? What are you hoping to give back to the cohort?

Learning from the experiences and knowledge of other people working on related workforce development issues is both inspiring and helpful.  We have already been making introductions to individuals who can help the other cohort companies. 

Tell us a story about someone your venture has helped that inspires you.

Cue Career levels the playing field for students from traditionally underrepresented or underprivileged backgrounds. Making connections that we would otherwise not have.” – Jorge Campos, Harvard Junior (read the Forbes article here)

All of our professional career pathway videos are on the Cue Career platform. But on our YouTube channel, we have students talk to one another about how they picked their schools and majors and what are some of the challenges they face. These videos are very inspiring – and we know we are on the correct path – listening to students struggles, hopes and dreams is a reality check.