We took a few minutes to talk with Jamie, founder of #FutureofWork venture Main Street Codes. Get to know about their work and what inspires them below!

What is Main Street Codes?

Main Street Codes provides resources, community, and technical education to create local tech ecosystems and bridge the digital divide between non-urban and urban areas. 

Where are you located?

Galesburg, IL

What is your vision for scale? 

Our goal is to have success in Galesburg and create a scalable model of technical talent creation that can be applied to similar small-midsize communities throughout the U.S.

What drives you to do this work?

The optimism, opportunity, and innovation divide between urban and non-urban areas is increasing and creates real long-term consequences for our country, so it’s an important problem to solve. We’re driven to do this work not only to give back to our own hometown, but also on behalf of everyone else who benefitted from a solid upbringing in a smaller community and has since moved on. We all have an obligation to work, and work hard, to help include these once-thriving communities in the economic story of the future. 

Describe the problem you are working to solve – why is it a problem and what do you want people to know about it?

Economic growth from the tech industry and digital economy is not reaching the vast majority of non-urban communities. This tale of two economic realities is exacerbated by continued brain drain from non-urban communities and concentration of talent in urban areas. With remote work becoming more mainstream, communities like Galesburg finally have a viable path forward if they can foster the right talent. We’re focused on building a critical mass of tech talent from the ground up through a combination of in-person training, online instruction, and paid software apprenticeships. Once developed, this talent can draw well-paying remote salaries into the local economy and drive lasting economic change for decades to come. 

Tell us a story about someone your venture has helped that inspires you:

Main Street Codes is for the untapped talent and undiscovered entrepreneurs in smaller communities throughout the U.S.  We’re inspired by the companies and innovation of tomorrow that will be created upon the foundation we’re providing today.