We did a quick interview with Eric of Techie Youth, one of our #FutureofWork ventures. Read up on what inspires him to do this work.

What is Techie Youth?

Techie Youth redirects the lives of foster-kids & at-risk youth by teaching them computer-career skills and guiding them to become financially self-sufficient technology professionals.

Where are you based?

New York, NY

What is your vision for scale?

The long term vision for Techie Youth is to help all older foster kids nationwide, as well as other at-risk youth seeking a new life opportunity, learn to become financially self-sufficient technology-career professionals.

In your opinion, why have traditional markets failed to address the issue you are working on?

Most programs for at-risk youth and foster kids aim too low, and focus on teaching vocational skills to get blue-collar jobs such as a custodian, mechanic or security guard; Techie Youth believes in the capabilities of our students, and have proven that they have the potential to rapidly learn skills to financially self-sustain themselves with lucrative professional careers in the tech sector. We provide each student with opportunity and individualized attention, and that is all they need from us to completely redirect their lives towards a productive career path; many of them tell us that this is the first time in their life that anyone has actually cared whether they succeeded or not.

What kind of world do you imagine – what are you working towards?

Techie Youth envisions a new future where all emancipated (aged-out) foster kids are able to financially self-sustain, and that we bring an end to the current epidemic of youth homelessness that is stemming from foster kids aging-out of care without having learned career skills, and have not been provided sufficient guidance as to how they can support their own basic needs.

Tell us a story about someone your venture has helped that inspires you:

Towards the end of each semester, it is a regularly occurrence at Techie Youth for students to express to staff that we have changed their lives, and have given them opportunities to learn skills and prove themselves in ways that they never imagined were possible for them.