PwC Selects STE(A)M Truck for Innovation in Education

From the left to the right — Aashish Vats, Brianna Blefko, Zachary Cornish, Daniel Alfano, Anna Fishbon, Jason Martin (Charity Winner)

“It’s like wood-shop class on wheels, but with 3-D printers and way more fun.”

This was founder Jason Martin’s description about what his social venture was about when we first met him as he applied to our Civic Accelerator over a year ago.  Since then, the pitch has shortened to “Mobile Innovation Lab”, but the fun and the impact has definitely remained. Their innovation in education, and progress in our accelerator, caught the attention of founding Civic Accelerator supporter, the PwC Charitable Foundation, which awarded STE(A)M Truck $25,000 in July at their annual Senior Associates Milestone Conference in Orlando, Florida.

PwC has a passion for youth education as shown by the firm’s Earn Your Future initiative, a $190 million investment focused on increasing financial literacy. Through the PwC Charitable Foundation, employees were able to vote on vetted nonprofits solving education issues to select the most innovative solutions and STE(A)M Truck won! PwC employees are interested in participating in the firm’s commitment to finding education solutions and embraced this new way to get involved.  The partnership between PwC and the Points of Light Civic Accelerator is a pioneering approach to support innovation in education with 34% of our 74 total ventures focused on disrupting education by leveraging technology solutions and human capital in areas such as stem education, financial literacy, social and emotional learning and academic performance.  It is exciting to see PwC employees agree that solutions like STE(A)M Truck are driving change and reaching kids who need it most!

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