There’s an app for that

What’s your most personal possession? For a social entrepreneur, their smartphone can often take form of a growth on their hand rather than a piece of technology, giving a new meaning to the phrase, “glued at the hip.” But what is that keeps them so occupied? What are they looking at, tapping and typing? We could ponder one of life’s greatest mysteries… or we could just ask some of our alumni to share their home screens with us and to let us in on a few of their favorite apps. We chose the latter.

Brit Fitzpatrick // Founder and CEO of MentorMe


Other than being an obvious risk taker, running fast on a low battery, Brit like most founders, loves Slack and Google Docs to help her conveniently streamline collaboration with a dispersed team.

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Lisa Ohman // Co-founder and COO of InvestNextDoor


Does 867 unread emails give anyone else anxiety? Or are you feeling relief that you’re not alone… Either way, Lisa loves Asana for project and task management, Wave Invoice for checking accounts receivables from anywhere. She also loves their receipts app. She saves and shares her documents and files using OneDrive, explaining that you can view file formats not always able to be read via mobile. If that’s not enough, Lisa offered up a bonus app tip: She uses screen captures as a quick and easy way for her to remind herself of doing things or tasks to follow up on.

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Blair Brettschneider // Executive Director, Girl Forward


Blair keeps her work-life balance in check and shares her flair for Chicago with some localized, favorite apps. She recommends DoorDash, after discovering it when she saw a poster at Big Star (Chicago taco place) saying they deliver now. DoorDash does delivery from places that don’t deliver and you get credits the more you use it. Tacos = life. Blair uses Instagram for keeping up with her friends, pointing out she really only use Facebook these days for work. She also recommends Cliq, a new app and Chicago start up, designed to connect groups of friends over fun activities in the city. The combination of genders can be whatever you want because it’s not a dating app. She thinks it has potential and also loves to support fellow Chicago people!

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David Woodbury // CEO, Eatiply and Camp Native


Going rogue from our other alumni, with an Android, David uses his favorite apps to connect with remote founders, they operate in 3 different states. David and his team live in Google Hangouts and even a standing open video feed. The serial entrepreneur also uses Evernote to jot down is new business ideas. All 78 of them…
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Bonus: Here’s what the home screen of a Civic Accelerator, Marketing Manager looks like.


I love the organizing commonly used apps in folders, for quick access and apparently not listening to podcasts I subscribe to. I really like using Sunrise for my calendar, as I’m able to incorporate not only my personal and work calendars together, but also add my Michigan sports teams’ schedules (Go Blue!), Asana tasks and more all in one. Another regularly used app is Charity Miles, where I’m able to raise money for some of my favorite charities, simply by being active. It’s a great platform and an easy way to give back and motivates me to get off the computer. Lastly, Buffer is probably my favorite tool/app I use. With Buffer, I’m able to easily manage and schedule social media content to our various CivicX platforms and to quickly access analytics, where I can then “re-Buffer” better performing posts to share.

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What apps are you using regularly? Which would you recommend to a community of social entrepreneurs?