We sat down with Leah and Greg, co-founders of Canduit, to find out what inspires them to do this work. Read more below!

What is Canduit?

Canduit is a SaaS platform for project-based learning in higher education, connecting students with exciting company projects.

Where are they? 

Washington DC

Their vision for scale: We’re already operating in around six countries and believe that Canduit is relevant on a global scale.

Describe the problem you are working on – why is it a problem and what do you wish people knew about it?

Recent graduates face a high barrier to success and an uncertain future. 60 percent of entry-level jobs require 1-3 years of experience. More than 50% of recent graduates are underemployed and working in jobs not requiring college education. This is a problem because it suggests a skills mismatch between skills developed in higher education and skills required in the job market. We also wish that people focused more on the groups that struggle the most to access opportunities – first-generation college students, students from minority backgrounds, students with disabilities, etc.

In your opinion, why have traditional markets failed to address this issue?

Many experiential learning solutions are not connected to the recruitment industry, which is a $10B annual market in the US. Often platforms struggle to scale because they focus on 1:1 consulting services, matching universities and companies, or case studies that offer little to no human interaction. 

Tell us a story about someone your venture has helped – that inspires you:

We were able to introduce experiential learning into Universidad de Chile in Santiago, which had never really heard about this concept before of experiential engagements with companies before we reached out. Students received jobs/internships as a result of their work redesigning a logo for a major bank.