Altruhelp, Boston

AltruHelp is repairing the decline in Millennial volunteering with a mobile application & online community that helps universities & companies increase enterprise participation in service.

BOULD, Denver

BOULD connects students with the real-world experience necessary for green careers.


CareerVillage prepares young people for professional success by connecting them directly with working professionals.


Generation Citizen empowers young people to become engaged and effective citizens.

Givkwik, San Francisco

GivKwik is a social, mobile and web platform that inspires impulse philanthropy.

HopeMob, Lexington

HopeMob unites strangers to rally behind people with pressing needs.


Moneythink makes financial literacy relevant and fun for urban 11th and 12th graders.

Smallknot, New York

Smallknot is a community crowd-funding platform for small business.

UBELONG, Washington D.C.

UBELONG makes it easy to volunteer and learn abroad.

c1_beheard, Silver Spring is democracy’s first 24/7 online town hall.