Cohort 11 – Spring 2018

Cell-Ed (Palo Alto, California)
Cell-Ed offers a complete mobile solution to reach, train and upskill today’s workforce on any mobile device, including flip phones.
Elite Education (New York)

Elite Education increases public schools’ capacity to integrate rigorous and engaging computer science and engineering programs as a part of their culture and curriculum.

Haven Connect (Berkeley, California)

Haven Connect allows low-income applicants to easily find and apply to affordable housing through streamlined leasing and waitlist management.

honorCode (Atlanta)

honorCode coalesces educators and local business communities to build future workforce ecosystems within K-12 schools.

Neture, Inc. (New York)

Neture provides free and low-cost broadband internet access to underserved communities and disconnected households.

Noirefy (Chicago)

Noirefy is a digital platform connecting diverse professionals from under-represented backgrounds to corporations for career advancement opportunities.

Sparrow (San Francisco)

Sparrow is a U.S. wireless company bridging the digital divide and connecting people with purpose by donating to someone in digital poverty for every new customer.

STEM NOLA (New Orleans)

STEM NOLA designs and delivers engaging educational programs and events that bring exposure, inspiration, and training in STEM to underserved communities.

Tech Exchange (Oakland, California)

Tech Exchange generates equitable technology access by providing community members refurbished computers, internet, training and tech support.

The Mentor Method (Washington, D.C.)

The Mentor Method is an all-inclusive system for better diversity and inclusion through mentorship.

Unloop (Seattle)

Unloop enables people who have been in prison to succeed in careers in tech through intensive software development training, re-entry support, and career opportunities with tech employers.

Young Creative Agency (New Orleans)

Young Creative Agency connects under-represented young talent to real-world work and support networks that increase inclusion in the creative economy.