Cohort 12 – Fall 2018

DACA Time (Columbus, OH)

DACA Time helps make immigration paperwork easier, cheaper, and more accurate.

FundingU (Atlanta)

FundingU proffers college completion loans to academically successful students who can’t access “last gap” bank loans due to low credit scores or lack of a co-signer.

Solve (Chicago)

Solve makes it easier for community-based organizations to connect individuals to jobs and social services.

Girls Going Global (Atlanta)

Girls Going Global empowers underserved girls, ages 13-17, by providing the tools, mentorship and educational experiences to be global citizens.

Holberg Financial (Chicago)

Holberg Financial helps employees reach their financial goals and reduce financial stress through health benefits companies offer to their employees.

Hopeworks (Camden, NJ)

Hopeworks creates technology solutions for businesses that provide opportunities and pathways to success for youth.

Piecewise (New York)

Piecewise helps student loan borrowers pay down their debt based on data generated by financial behavior.

Tassel Turn (Chicago)

TasselTurn matches youth in foster care to personalized, evidence-informed, education coaching over the web to help them achieve economic independence.

Medean (Chicago)

Medean provides guidance and incentives for millennials to improve their financial well-being through a budgeting app using gamification and peer comparison.

Next Step Network (Louisville, KY)

Next Step is changing the market system of how manufactured homes are built, sold and financed, while preparing and supporting homebuyers.