Cohort 2 – Summer 2013

EPIC, Chicago

EPIC engages creative professionals in 8-week long design sessions on behalf of nonprofits that work with children, education or families.

Graph Alchemist, Portland

GraphAlchemist offers Graph as a Service (GaaS) to provide data-driven solutions to complex problems.

The Jubilee Project, Irvine

Jubilee Project makes videos and short films for nonprofits to help them tell their story and inspire people to take action., Kansas City is the funding platform for civic projects.

OpenCurriculum, Pittsburgh

OpenCurriculum is an online platform to create, access and share K-12 learning materials.

Practice Makes Perfect, New York

Practice Makes Perfect works to narrow the achievement gap in low-income U.S. neighborhoods through summer enrichment programs.

Public Lab, New Orleans

Public Lab is a community that develops affordable, open-source environment monitoring tools to empower citizen scientists.

SnapSense, Chicago

SnapSense makes it easy for local leaders to connect to the data they need to lead through online dashboards.

Village Defense, Atlanta

Village Defense provides neighborhoods with a real-time communications system to keep neighbors safe and connected.