Cohort 5 – Fall 2014

Akimbo, New York

Akimbo connects individuals who face significant boundaries to employment with professional opportunity.

Community Farmers Markets, Atlanta

Community Farmers Markets is preserving and growing the local food movement through sustainable marketplaces.

GreenWave, New York

GreenWave transforms unemployed fisher(wo)men into restorative ocean farmers.

Gun by Gun, San Francisco

Gun by Gun empowers people to remove guns from their communities through crowdfunded gun buybacks.

Hello Tractor, Washington D.C.

Hello Tractor supports African farmers through its innovative tractor co-sharing platform.

Library for All, New York

Library for All increase access to knowledge in the developing world by delivering locally relevant ebooks through a digital library platform.

MentorMe, Memphis

MentorMe is reinventing the way communities invest in their greatest resource, people.

Million Dollar Scholar, New Orleans

Million Dollar Scholar helps parents and schools guide their students through the process of making higher education affordable.

Project Scientist, Charlotte

Project Scientist fosters today’s female scientists who will lead the world in solving tomorrow’s greatest challenges.

Quarterback, Chicago

Quaterback is building the new wave of leaders for the impact economy.

SparkMarket, Atlanta

SparkMarket re-defines community development through an online marketplace for business finance

STE(A)M Truck, Atlanta

STE(A)M Truck is a mobile makerspace that inspires youth to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math

Union Capital Boston, Boston

Union Capital Boston is a mobile-based rewards program that allows low-income families to get ahead by giving back.