Develop Link, New York

Develop Link is a platform to help healthcare professionals in developing countries improve care coordination and make more effective strategic decisions.


The Dress Project collects donated formal dresses and resells them in Malawi to fund education for young girls.

Firelily, Chicago

Firelily is a fundraising platform dedicated to those impacted by disaster and the organizations that serve them.

GirlForward, Chicago

GirlForward is dedicated to creating opportunity for refugee girls who have been resettled in the U.S. from countries around the world.

Her Agenda, New York

Her Agenda is a hub of information and inspiration for ambitious millennial women on their path to becoming accomplished women.

InvestNextDoor, Seattle

NextDoor leads communities through capital transformations.

Mission Propelle, Chicago

Mission Propelle empowers young girls to advocate for themselves and their communities.

MotherCoders offers a tech orientation program with on-site childcare for moms on-ramping to careers in technology.

Move This World harnesses the power of creative expression to build trust, reduce fear and inspire change within communities.

Pentorship creates accessible, innovative, and relevant educational products for the incarcerated.

SHIFT, Chicago

SHIFT is a web and mobile fundraising platform that sends cash directly to women living in extreme poverty around the world and tracks impact over time.

Women LEAD empowers the next generation of female leaders in Nepal.