CommunityShare puts the public back into public education by connecting local community partners with the needs and goals of educators and their student.

Edquity, New York

Edquity offers the first-of-its-kind college financial planning app, supporting students through every financial decision on their road to graduation.


Hip Pocket is a FinTech software company that creates apps to help people make better financial decisions from their phone in just minutes.

Mission Bit, San Francisco

Mission Bit interrupts generational poverty by expanding coding education to high school students and offering affordable coding courses for low-income adults.

Mytual, Detroit

Mytual helps owner-only businesses and freelancers maximize their retirement savings by streamlining access to Individual 401(k) plans.

NaTakallam, New York

NaTakallam provides an income to refugees by leveraging their native language skills and connecting them to users worldwide for online language practice and learning.


Project Basta bridges the gap between employers and first-generation college graduates through an intensive professional placement and career mentoring program.


Sou Sou is a mobile-first investment platform that allows women investors to invest in women-led startups and build wealth together across the globe.

SpringFour, Chicago

SpringFour improves loan performance for financial institutions by equipping call centers and consumer facing applications with the most relevant and up-to-date and comprehensive financial health resources.

The Prison Scholar Fund, Seattle

The Prison Scholar Fund opens access to postsecondary education and employment opportunities for incarcerated students with financing and mentoring.


The Virtual Scholarship Center is a scholarship preparatory platform that empowers students, counselors and parents to create 4-year college funding strategies.

Your Casa increases Hispanic homeownership nationally by educating, preparing and connecting homebuyers with bilingual professionals that can help them achieve their American dream.