Fall 2017 || Cohort 10

How might we equip and connect those who are underemployed to sustainable jobs in the innovation economy?

The Problem

The landscape for sustainable, living wage jobs is changing faster than employers and workers can respond. Five million manufacturing jobs have been lost since 2000 and over 50% of jobs added since the recession are low-wage. Yet, jobs in STEM and healthcare are expected to increase by 19% and 26% by 2020.

How might we equip and connect those who are underemployed to sustainable jobs in the innovation economy?

The Solution

The Fall 2017 Civic Accelerator – a 10-week entrepreneur boot camp and investment fund – will accelerate 10 - 15 innovative, scalable ventures that equip, prepare, and on-ramp individuals for workforce success in the innovation economy through:

21st Century Education Models

STEM training platforms and programs, remote study, job-relevant training for K-12 students, and continuing education

Experiential Training

Alternative degree and credentialing opportunities, apprenticeships, and access to vocational training.

Employment Solutions

Work-ready skill development, Access to “gig economy” and “on-demand” jobs, employer savings/support products, portable/co-op benefits and services, talent matching and retentino platforms

Pathways to Economic Mobility through Work

On-ramps to higher-ed, career advancement and re-entry for non-traditional employees such as veterans, immigrants and refugees, and opportunity youth

Why CivicX?


Expert mentors, coaches, and guest speakers


Average increase in earned revenue within 1 year of acceleration


Of Founders report a significant increase in startup skills and network development


The Fall 2017 Accelerator kicks off in Atlanta in October. Check out our curriclum overview for more information on the events in each session.

Key Fall 2017 Dates

August 25 : at 5:00 pm Eastern Time

September 5 : Finalists Notified

September 11 – 14 : Finalist Interviews

September 25 : Selected Ventures Announced

October 16 – 19 : Session 1 (Atlanta, GA)

November 14 – 17 : Session 2 (Washington, D.C)

December 18 – 21 : Session 3 (Chicago, IL)

Notable Alumni

The following CivicX graduates are leading innovations in workforce development for underserved populations across the country.


Offers a suite of recruitment tools that allow employers to successfully source and retain non-traditional talent


Prepares low opportunity individuals for careers in software development through immersive training


A post-secondary planning platform to engage students, parents, and educators in meeting post-secondary goals


Creates on-ramps for Blacks and Latinos to gain living wage jobs in the tech sector


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