Cohort 13 Fall 2019




B 360 (Baltimore, MD)

Utilizes dirt bike culture to end the cycle of poverty, disrupt the prison pipeline, and build bridges in communities through STEM education.

Canduit (McLean, VA)

Creates a collaborative environment where college students can engage in project-based learning with companies and gain real-world experience.

CueCareer (Santa Monica, CA)

Connects trade associations with students to help them explore job pathways and secure skills-based training opportunities to enter the modern workforce.

Gladeo (Los Angeles, CA)

Leverages the power of video storytelling and technology to help underserved youth find and pursue their dream career.

Inclusion (Atlanta, GA)

Connects innovative industries to on-demand black, Latinx, and female talent to ensure representation in changing workplaces.

Leap Fund (Brooklyn, NY)

Provides a financial solution that helps people manage their benefits “cliff” to create a path toward financial independence.

Main Street Codes (Galesburg, IL)

Creates local tech ecosystems and bridges the digital divide between non-urban and urban areas through resources, education and community building.

re:imagine/ATL (Atlanta, GA)

Provides in-school and mobile programming to engage youth in the growing film and media professions.

Shimmy (Brooklyn, NY)

Prepares the apparel industry for automation by upskilling garment workers.

Tassel Software (San Francisco, CA)

Builds online communities focused on professional development and educational outcomes for middle-skill professions.

Techie Youth (New York, NY)

Redirects the lives of foster and at-risk youth to become financially self-sufficient tech professionals through guidance and computer- skills career training.

Upchieve (Brooklyn, NY)

Connects low-income high school students with live tutors any time they need it.