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Currently, we offer a 10-week startup accelerator and a 2 day Rapid Innovation Summit. Both programs provide entrepreneur training, business model canvas and design, lean startup principles and much more.

The Acumen Civic Accelerator
“CivicX” is the first national accelerator program and investment fund in the country focused on “civic ventures” — for-profit and nonprofit early-stage ventures that include people as part of the solution to critical social problems. The 10-week, boot camp-style program convenes 10-15 teams in person and online with the goal of equipping each venture to seek investments and scale their social innovation.
Rapid Innovation Summits
The hands-on boot camp is for social innovators — entrepreneurs, business, nonprofit and community leaders — to learn how to apply innovation best practices and design thinking to make better decisions and more effectively solve challenges related to new or current programs, projects or other critical social challenges.

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+Acumen offers world-class online courses that empower you to think differently, learn collaboratively and join a global community of learners and doers with a burning desire to change the world.

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Learn more about our team of facilitators, guest faculty, and mentors.

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We’ve graduated 74 social ventures from across the country. Check out the impact creating and the problems they’re solving.

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